Track changes at Albert Park, Melbourne for 2021

With news that work is underway to make changes to the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne for this year, I thought it might be useful to share a more detailed map of the track with a Google Maps overlay.

Full map of the Melbourne circuits changes, with the old layout highlighted in red.

The changes look fairly small from above, but will actually make the circuit much faster – as much as 5 seconds a lap quicker.

For the most part the work is widening a handful of corners, by the looks of it making the angles less acute and thus a bit quicker – with the exception of turn 13 which is being tightened in order to try to create an overtaking opportunity. But in the case of turn 6, and turns 9/10 the changes are a little more significant, creating a much faster flow to the circuit.

A closer look at the changes being made to turns 6 and what is currently a chicane at 9/10 becoming much more fast flowing.